GetMyPosition identifies the exact worldwide geographic position of your web site visitors. This way you can relate your Internet service to your visitors' location, for example to search for your nearest store or club.

It takes just 30 minutes to integrate the free GetMyPosition service into your Internet site.

Your Internet visitors then can click on our maps on your Internet page to precisely show where they are. Your Internet server then knows the visitor's exact longitude and latitude.

To see how easy and accurate GetMyPosition works, please click on your position on the map below (you will see 3 successive maps).

Case Study: Global Hotel Directory

An Internet hotel directory allowed only search by price and country. The search results were not always helpful as some countries have hundreds of hotels while others have none.

Self-programming an improved geographical search function would have been costly and time-consuming. By integrating GetMyPosition into the search form the visitors now see a world map on which they can click to zoom into their position. After three clicks the map disappears and the ten nearest hotels are displayed. Also nearby hotels in neighbouring countries are displayed while distant hotels in the same country are omitted. Also the distances between the user and the hotels are displayed.

Typical GetMyPositon applications

It's free and takes only three steps to integrate GetMyPosition into your Internet site:

  1. Register (its free and takes only 2 minutes). You then receive your user key by email.
  2. Your web designer integrates three lines of code on your Internet site (takes about 30 minutes).
  3. Your web designer adapts your Internet service to use the users' positon (effort depends on what you use the position for).

GetMyPosition Highlights

  • Free of charge.
  • Free of advertisements.
  • Website integration takes just a few minutes.
  • Truly global coverage (from Antartica to Zimbabwe with 500 m resolution).
  • Improves the appearance of your website (colorful high resolution satellite pictures; fun to click through interactive maps).
  • Optional logo-free service (for 1 cent per position).

GetMyPosition Technology

  • Based on 110,000 individual maps that cover the whole earth with a resolution of 500 meters.
  • Covers 70,000 cities, towns and villages.
  • Frequent updates to include every place on earth with over 2000 inhabitants
  • Strong compression algorithm for quick map download (max. 1 second for users with analog dial-up Internet).

How do we compare to Google Maps?

+ About 5 times faster to use as it takes just 3 clicks! A typical unexperienced user needs only 10-15 seconds.
+ About 10 times faster for users on a slow Internet connection (map takes only two seconds on a 56k modem).
+ Works for every web browser (no JavaScript required).
+ Your users stay on your webpage, as they don't get distracted by endless zooming possibilitys which are not linked to your Internet service.
+ Your webpage does not get Google-rebranded. Users only see the little logo "Powered by" and nothing else.
+ No advertisement of third parties on your webpage.
 Google Maps has a resolution of a few meters. You might better use Google Maps if the 500 meters of GetMyPosition are not sufficient for your application.